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Apprentice - Canada Canada - United States Warp9-systems

Career Ranking
Worldwide: #921 out of 129224
Apprentice League: #97 out of 1497
Team: #21 Warp9-systems
Country: #17 Canada

Season Ranking
Worldwide: #677 out of 4009
Apprentice League: #56 out of 90
Team: #11 Warp9-systems
Country: #18 Canada

Other Rankings
Hardware Masters: #769 out of 135442

Global Masters: #1207 out of 135442
Career Ranking: 679.1 from 2014 - 2019
Top 30 global points 35.5
Top 60 hardware points 643.6
Season 2019: 18.1 in 2019
Top 10 competitions points 0
Top 15 global points 3
Top 30 hardware points 15.1
Team Power Points: 672.5 earned for the team (GTPP and: HTPP)

All Points:
Global: 35.5 earned in global rankings
Hardware: 879.4 earned in hardware rankings
Competition: 19 earned in competitions
All Points: 933.9 points in total

Achievements: 35/104 unlocked

Challenges: 6/10 won

About Me

I'm just your average, ordinary bencher who happens to use old gear for fun. Usually with a CoolerMaster MasterLiquid Pro 240 AIO/CLC, or when able, dry ice in a Kingpin Dragon F1. I seem to focus mainly on LGA 775, but I also enjoy 1155 and 1150, as well as AM2 and AM3, even if I don't have much in the way of AMD gear.

My happiest achievement here on the 'bot was reaching 5th in Rookie league using just gear I had lying around, and then seeing what I could do with such. I never did see the Enthusiast league, simply because I went from Novice to what was at the time Extreme league. I bench for fun, and to push my skills further.

Achievement Showcase

30 May 15
Collect 10 golden cups
1 May 17
Collect 75 cups and medals
7 October 14
Reach top-10 of Your Overclockers League
25 October 16
Make 1000 submissions to HWBOT.
9 February 19
contribute 3000 points to your team