Splave (US) Breaks GPUPI for CPU 1B World Record with First Ever Sub-1 Min Score

Here’s a quick update regarding one of the more outstanding score submissions that have popped up during Round 1 of the Pro OC 2018 contest over on OC-ESPORTS. Stage 4 of the Division involves competing in the GPUPI for CPU 1B benchmark where current US No.2 Splave is sitting pretty at the top of the table with a World Record score. This was achieved using an Intel Core i9 7980XE pushed to within a whisper of its life. Let’s take a look at the submission in a little detail.

Firstly the rig used. Splave’s motherboard of choice was an ASRock X299 OC Formula, into which he installed his Core i9 7980XE processor. Using a der8auer designed LN2 CPU pot, some Thermal Grizzly thermal paste and a ton of LN2 he then managed to push all 18 Skylake-X cores to a massive 5,929MHz (+128.04%). The result of all this was a new World Record score GPUPI for CPU 1B run in just 59sec 224ms – the first submission on HWBOT that is actually below the 1 minute barrier. Congrats to you mate!

Just out of interest, the new score beats the previous best which was made by elmor (Sweden) with a run in 1min 0sec 176ms. What perhaps makes Splave’s score even more impressive is that he managed to get almost 100MHz out of his CPU than elmor, which at this level of the game, is truly impressive.

You can check out the World Record score from Splave here as well as take a look at his profile page to check in on his other benching sessions. In terms of taking the Round 1 Pro OC Division title however, he still has plenty of work ahead of him, having not yet submitted in Stages 1, 2 or 3. In Stage 5 however he’s looking good for the win with a Global First Place score in Cinebench R15. Using the same rig as outlined above, with the Core i9 7980XE pushed a little more conservatively to 5,829MHz (+124.19%) he managed a score 5,828 cb points, the highest ever with an 18-core CPU. Nice going.

Regarding Round 1 of the Pro OC Division we find three more Americans dominating the table at the moment. Gunslinger (US) sits in first place with a great showing so far in all five stages and a total of 232 points. H2o vs. Ln2 (US) is second with 224 points while jpmboy (US) is third with 208. It will be interesting to see how this develops as we edge closer to the end of March and the conclusion of Round 1. Check out the Round 1 of the Pro OC Division table here on OC-ESPORTS.

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