Gamers Nexus: The DRAM Report - DDR4 at Still at Launch Level Pricing After 5 Years

Steve Burke and the guys at Gamers Nexus continue to keep the flow of solid content coming. Most recently they did a report that looks into the murky and somewhat volatile area of DRAM pricing. DRAM, or basically the system memory kits that we use in our rigs, tends to fluctuate considerably depending largely on perception regarding supply and demand. Steve took a look into the pricing trends of DDR4 specifically and found that in fact we are paying the same prize for our DRR4 kits as we were when it arrived on the market. How is that possible? Gamers Nexus report:

While researching GPU prices and learning that GDDR5 memory price has increased by $20-$30 on the bill of materials lately, we started looking into the rising system memory prices. RAM pricing has proven somewhat cyclic over the past few years. We’ve reported on memory price increases dating back to 2012, and have done so seemingly every 2 years since that time. This research piece pulls five years of trend data, working in collaboration with PCPartPicker, to investigate why memory prices might be increasing, when we can expect a decrease, and more.

DRAM prices are crazy right now. We’ve driven that point into the ground over the past few years, but pinpointing a “when” and a “why” is a difficult proposition. With the help of PCPartPicker, we’ve identified some general trends that seem almost cyclic, and provide some relief in pointing toward an eventual downturn.

Read the full report from Gamers Nexus here. You may also want to check out this video from Steve which is actually quite eye-opening, making a compelling argument that something really isn’t quite right in the DRAM market right now. Nice report guys. Nice work.

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