Hardware Asylum Podcast #83: CES 2018 Series

Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain are back with their latest podcast. Hardware Asylum Episodes 83 -1 to 3 offer an in-depth look at the CES 2018 show with took place in Las Vegas a week or two or ago. The guys discuss pretty much every technology company that they caught up with at the show plus a summary of the coolest things that they encountered that week:

CES or the Consumer Electronics Show is the first major trade show of the year and it happens down in Las Vegas. The show attracts 170,000 people annually and while it isn’t dedicated to PC hardware many vendors take advantage of the schedule and setup displays at the local hotels.

In this Episode the duo talk about CES 2018 and some of the vendor meetings that they had. Believe it or not but this was Darren’s first time at CES while Dennis could be considered a veteran having attended the show annually since 2007. The show started on Day 0 with the Intel Keynote where they talked about Data. There were some drones and even a drone style taxi that flew indoors.

After that is was off to get some sleep and start the show. Vendors in this podcast would include Asus and their day one Media Day, EVGA, Phanteks, AZIO and FNATIC. They might be an eSports team but have started branching out to offer apparel and now gaming keyboards and mice.

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