OGS (Greece) Wins Cheapaz Chips Season 2 Contest

The the second season of the Cheapaz Chips contest series on OC-ESPORTS just can to a head with Greek overclocker OGS showing his modding and GPU pushing skills to take the win. In fact OGS managed a maximum points haul after taking wins in all three stages of the contest, just ahead of Splave (US) and Chilli-Man (Australia) who take second and third spots respectively. Let’s take a look at the scores submitted and the modded graphics cards involved in a little more detail.

Cheapaz Chips Season 2: December 15th to January 20th, 2018

Before we get into the scoring and the overclockers involved, let’s first remind ourselves what the Cheapaz Chips contest is all about. Firstly, it’s crucial to note that the contest was proposed and created by the CCTF, the Community Competition Task Force at HWBOT (read more about the CCTF here).

The central idea of the Cheapaz Chips contest series is to encourage HWBOT members to put all of their ingenuity and passion into overclocking entry-level hardware components that we wouldn’t cry over too much if we accidently pushed it too hard and killed. The series has also been designed to give overclockers a wonderful excuse to get down to some serious card modding. Graphics card modding can be a daunting task for anyone attempting to do so for the first time. It takes a steady and assured hand that knows how to solder with unerring accuracy, as well as detailed knowledge of exactly how the card and power delivery design works. All of which means that you’re better off starting your modding adventure with a cheaper card.

Cheapaz Chips Season 2 kicked off in mid-December, ending on January 20th and featured stages suited to benching NVIDIA GT 1030 graphics cards, the subject matter of Season 2. All benchmarks were GPU-centric with CPUs limited to 5GHz. As an added incentive, GALAX were kind enough to contribute a GALAX GTX 1080 Ti HoF OC Lab Edition card for the winner. Let’s get stuck in to the details with Stage 1.

Check out the full roundup article regarding the Cheapaz Chips Season 2 contest here on OC-ESPORTS which also features a gallery featuring many of the modded graphics cards involved.

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