Caseking and der8auer Launch Skylake-X Direct Die Frame

Roman ‘der8auer’ Hartung and his colleagues at Caseking have come up with a new product that once again proves how they’re dedicated to giving overclockers the gear we need to achieve absolute maximum performance. Just a few days ago they launched the ‘Skylake-X Direct Die Frame’, a patent pending device that allows for direct-die mounting on all socket 2066 motherboards. It essentially replaces the Integrated Loading Mechanism (ILM) on your motherboard, allowing users to use a de-lidded CPU without the need for a heat spreader. Here are the details:

The outer edge of the der8auer Skylake-X Direct Die Frame is located a mere 0,1 mm below the silicon chip itself, effectively preventing any unwanted tilting of the CPU cooler and protecting against damage. Furthermore, the black anodized coating isolates the aluminium of the Direct Die Frame as it is no longer electrically conductive. As a result the SK-X DDF can be seated safely and securely against the contact area of the CPU.

Installation of the SK-X DDF requires that the Intel socket retention module first be removed, this then allows the bundled back plate to be attached to the reverse of the motherboard with adhesive pads, the CPU inserted, and the frame secured by means of four screws. The SK-X DDF is manufactured according to extremely tight tolerances to ensure an equal distribution of downward force. This helps to maintain optimum contact between the motherboard and CPU while ensuring all devices, such as PCIe cards or RAM modules, are recognized correctly.

The Skylake-X Direct Die Frame is available now at Caseking for 69.90€. You find more information here on the Caseking website. You can also check out this video from Roman which covers his new creation and its ‘German Engineering Perfection’ in all its glory.

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