Important GPUPI Update – Revision 3.1 Mandatory from February 1st 2018

Today we bring you an important update regarding the GPUPI benchmark. From February 1st 2018, users must use the latest 3.1 version of the app. Submissions using older versions after this date will not be accepted. The new 3.1 version of GPUPI eliminates a issue that was found on the EVGA SR2 motherboard. Developer _mat_ and HWBOT member skulstation (Belgium) have now eliminated what appeared to be a timer issue that would produce buggy and unreliable scores with certain Intel Xeon processors models.

In terms of the actual benchmark, GPUPI calculates the mathematical constant Pi in parallel by using the BPP formula and optimizing it for OpenCL capable devices like graphics cards and main processors. You can find more information about the change to revision 3.1 here on the main GPUPI thread on the HWBOT forum. You can download GPUPI revision 3.1 here. A massive thanks to _mat_ and skulstation for their efforts to eliminate these issues.

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