HWBOINTS Revision 7 is Now Implemented

If you are an active member of HWBOT you may have noticed a few changes in the last 48 hours or so. This is due to the transition from HWBOINTS Revision 6 to Revision 7. The transition to the new revision essentially alters how HWBOT awards points and how HWBOT members are ranked. At the heart of the HWBOT ranking system we have some quite complex algorithms that determine how scores and members are ranked. With Revision 7, these algorithms have been adjusted to help address the concerns of the community, and to address server constraints.

A more detailed overview of HWBOINTS Revision 7 is available for download here (.pdf) . What follows in an excerpt from that document:

HWBOINTS Revision 7 - Revision 7 is designed in response to community feedback with the intent of awarding points more accurately as a reflection of overclocking result quality. The new revision re-balances the weight of benchmark applications and awards points based on result quality relative to the top result.

Revision 7: Background Information - At the core of the HWBoints concept, invented by Mtzki from Finland, lie two distinct parameters: the weight of a ranking as determined by the amount of participants, and the quality of the result as determined by its position within the ranking. This concept is now being stretched to the end of its scaling capabilities due to two primary reasons: 1) the increase of global and hardware rankings, and 2) the direct submission capability of benchmark applications via our Open API.

Revision 7: Major Goals - The major goals set out for Revision 7 include addressing community concerns, as well as addressing server constraints. The major goals are to:

  • - Re-assess the impact of benchmarks with API submissions
  • - Re-assess the value of 3D benchmarks
  • - Reduce the server impact of point calculations
  • - Shift the importance for competitive overclocking from World Record focus to overclocking competition focus

The implementation of Revision 7 requires an entire database recalculation, which can take several days. In the next few days, we ask for patience while things settle down.

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