South Africa gwbgff says:

Dear Goddy, I was getting all my systems parts information and by mistake my profile got set before I entered the details. I cannot find where I can edit my profile. If you could please tell me how to edit my profile to put in my parts information in, I would be grateful to you. My apologies for messing this up. Kind regards, Gerald Fleming

websmile says:

There is a small arrow next to your nickname on top. Click on this and you see options including profile.

Czech Republic kubrhead1 says:

Hello, I want to ask why I can not accept the challenges?

Germany Baddemichl says:

Hi, when will be RTX mobile Cards online?

Russian Federation Antinomy says:

11 hours ago, Baddemichl said:

when will be RTX mobile Cards online

I'll add them this evening.

Russian Federation Antinomy says:

19 hours ago, Baddemichl said:

RTX mobile


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