Cheapaz Chips Season 2 Starts Today

Today the second ever season of the Cheapaz Chips contest series gets under way over on OC-ESPORTS. As you may recall the idea of the contest is to encourage overclockers to put all of their ingenuity and passion into overclocking entry-level hardware that we wouldn’t cry over too much if it got bricked. Cheapaz Chips Season 2 will run through what remains of 2017, ending on January 15th. It features three stages suited to benching NVIDIA GT 1030 graphics cards, the subject matter of season 2. As an added incentive, GALAX are also offering a GALAX GTX 1080 Ti HoF OC Lab Edition card for the eventual contest winner.

Cheapaz Chips Season 2: December 15th - January 31st 2018 - The Cheapaz Chips Season 2 contest on OC-ESPORTS features a very simple format based around Pascal-architecture NVIDIA GT 1030 cards. The Cheapaz Chips contest has in fact been designed to give overclockers a wonderful excuse to get down to some serious card modding. Graphics card modding can be a daunting task for anyone attempting to do so for the first time however. It takes a steady and assured hand that knows how to solder with unerring accuracy, as well as detailed knowledge of exactly how the card and power delivery design works.

1st Place Wins a GALAX GTX 1080 HoF OC Lab Edition - The fantastic thing about Season 2 of the Cheapaz Chips series is that GALAX are generously offering a GTX 1080 Ti HoF OC Lab Edition card for the winner. The highest scoring overclocker wins a GALAX GTX 1080Ti HOF OC Lab Edition graphics card. In case of a tie, the deciding benchmark is Superposition 1080P Xtreme, then GPUPI 1B, then 3DMark03. Each submission must include a picture of your graphics card in action. The graphics card does not come with international warranty.

Read the full introduction of the Cheapaz Chips Season 2 contest. You can also visit the contest page here on OC-ESPORTS

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