Throwback Thursday: Jim Kim and Friends and the Official Overclocking Song

This Thursday you’re in for a real treat. I just came across this little gem of a post from way back in November 2010. It seems that XtremeSystem member trans am (US) decided that instead of just publishing a YouTube video to show his Overclocking adventure, he’d go one step further and basically turn it into his own music video. The video from the original post is no longer available but after a little digging, I managed to find a freshly uploaded version for you all to enjoy. Welcome to the ‘Official Overclocking Song’, as performed by Jim Kim and Friends. Check out the lyrics below:

  • -We're Overclocking (x4)
  • -Just got my dewar filled, to-day
  • -The ups man didn't have
  • -Much to say
  • -Just got it insulated - last night
  • -Let's hope I did it all right

  • -We're Overclocking x4

    • -We’re overclocking
    • -Just right
    • -We’re overclocking
    • -All night
    • -We’re overclocking
    • -Oh yeah man
    • -We’re overclocking

    • -I did my settings and hit F10
    • -Windows started
    • -Booting again
    • -I got into desktop
    • -Yeah man!
    • -Double clicked two thousand and one
    • -Pouring ln2 out
    • -Before it’s too late
    • -While watching the goddamn frame rates

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